Let me apologise for the following rant. I need to vent myself.

I hate mosquitoes. With every fibre of my being. There is nothing good about them. They're hell-spawn, created by the devil himself.

Nothing is holy to the mosquito. They will bite your ass. They will bite your hand as you're slapping them. They will bite your mouth. They will bite your eyelids. They will bite your cornea. Unzip for a pee, and they will bite your dick.

We deserve our revenge. We demand payment for the 50 billion of us who were taken by these vile creatures across Styx. I will welcome the day when we will be able to capture mosquitoes, give them sentience, then chop their wings and snouts off, force them to breed, and make them watch as we rape their babies while pulling their brain cells out, one by one.

(Written 2013-06-08, published online 2014-06-15)